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Our team is made up of seasoned veterans of the auto body repair industry, with leadership credit on many titles. There are decades of experience between the main people that make this company tick. Our team is unique in their own kind and work together as a great team. We also have new young employees that bring innovative skills to each project while the veterans offer the expertise that is invaluable.

Tommy Truett
Company CEO & Founder
“Since day one of opening this business I’ve always tried to provide a family atmosphere to our customers. Honestly speaking; 24 years later I can say we have accomplished that, and that is the number one thing that I am proud of.”
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Waylon Truett
Damage Repair Estimator
“Obviously working for a family business that has been successful as we are, the one person we need to thank is the man up above. But over the last 7 years I have really enjoyed working with my family providing not only a great product to all of our customers but a better life for me, my wife, and little girl.”
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Preston Queen
Parts Inventory Manager
“I’ve been employed at Truett’s Auto Collision the last 4 years managing the parts department making sure all repair parts are ordered and on-time for vehicle delivery to all customers. I really enjoy the freedom of the job and working for a family that I have practically grew up with.”
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David Riley
Customer Service Manager
“From dealing with every entire customer that walks in these doors, I have gathered a lot of personal relationships with our customers and it really gives me satisfaction to provide them with great customer service.”
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Jarred Johnson
Parts Manager
Definition (n)-The quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability
“Being successful in the auto body industry has many factors. With that said, i believe the best quality to me and my co-workers is our comradery, working together and simplifying those factors as a team to produce the best product we can.
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